Nate’s Advice



    Nate gave a great witness talk last night at Camp Rotary’s Summer Camp Vespers Service. Troops that were camping from all over the state came together for the weekly program. Chaplin Curtis discussed faith and how God puts the Super into the Natural.  After setting the stage with a very thoughful introduction, Curtis then asked Nate to speak.  Although he was a little nervous at first, Nate did a beautiful job encouraging the boys to live by the Boy Scout Law, learn from other people’s mistakes, spend quality time with family, and keep God the number one priority because life is short and not many people are blessed with a second chance.  I could not have been more proud…Great job Nate!!

Pediatric Trauma Conference

It was a full house!  Approximately three hundred and twenty people attended this year’s Pediatric Trauma Conference in Detroit last Thursday.

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edit Dani Liz Anna at the conference        edit Kenda and Me at the June Conference

I was able to meet some fantastic people and hear some remarkable stories.  God is good!

I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to speak.  It was a great opportunity not only to share a success story, but also encourage and thank doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. for all that they do to save people’s lives.

Alma College

A big shout out to Judy McKenna, Director of Nursing Education, for inviting me to come and speak with the Nursing students at Alma College.  Finding Hope on Vegas was a required read last fall for many students in the Alma Nursing program.  I can not wait to hear the students’ perspectives on the book and answer their questions.  Wish me luck!

February 5, 2018
Alma College
Q&A Presentation to Nursing Students
2:30-4:30 pm

Look What Made the Cover Story….

Nate’s bull riding accident is the fall 2017 cover story for the Saginaw Faith magazine. Author Erika Hirschman does a great job summarizing the events documented in  Finding Hope on Vegas. Thanks to Sarah Moore Kuschell for the fantastic pictures in the hops field.

Click here to read the article (FYI you may need to click the Adobe button).

Check it out



Nathan and his bull riding accident were featured in  Michigan Blood’s August cover story. It is a great article that emphasizes the importance of donating blood.  Donating is an easy way to save a life! You can view the article in full here.

To learn more about the details of the accident and his miraculous recovery check out the book  Finding Hope on Vegas

From Journal to Book

I have been invited to speak by the Golden Agers about the events that inspired the book, Finding Hope on Vegas, tomorrow, Oct. 10, 2017, at the Sage Township Hall. If you have not heard about the story, come and join us as I summarize the miracles, support and love our family encountered on Aug. 9, 2014. It is an incredible story of faith, hope and love.

I will also touch on how my post traumatic stress journal became a book. Since I am not writer by nature, I consider the whole process from journal, to development, editing and publishing this book a small miracle all by itself.

I look forward to seeing you, and if you have not had a chance to get a copy I will have books available after the presentation.
Sage Township Hall
Oct. 10, 2017
Presentation: From Journal to Book
12:30-2:00pm Book Signing
Sage Township Hall

Preview: Finding Hope on Vegas



Eighteen and three-fourths gallons of blood was needed to save Nathan Davis. Yet, throughout this tragedy the Davis family found an unexpected gift by an unsuspecting giver: hope on a bull named Vegas.




 On August 9, 2014, tragedy struck the annual Gratiot County Fair.  In the blink of an eye, a fifteen-hundred-pound bull named Vegas stomped seventeen-year-old Nathan Davis to near death. Initially, no one understood the extent of Nathan’s injuries as he walked with assistance out of the arena.  The situation, however, grew bleak when Nathan’s health quickly took a turn for the worse and he found himself fighting for his life in a small rural hospital.

     Finding Hope on Vegas details an incredible, true story of relentless dedication and determination and how a self-reliant family suddenly found themselves completely dependent on Divine Providence and intervention.

     For the Davis family, excruciating minutes slowly turned into hours, days, and weeks.  It would literally take miracle after miracle to keep Nathan alive, but through the outpouring of support from family, friends, and strangers, the Davis family found the strength to handle more than they could have ever imagined.

Book Preview



Love Conquers All

Faced with the impossible, Cassandra Poppe allowed God’s Glory to reign…


A terrible tragedy brings forth Hope.  Little four-year-old Fulton Poppe was excited to help his dad as he bundled up for the chilly Oklahoma morning on January 2013. What started as a typical day, in a blink of an eye, ended in a nightmare.

There was an explosion! Cassandra ran to see what had happened. Immediately panic ensued… her precious Fulton was engulfed in flames.

Over the next three months the Poppe family lives were a living hell as Fulton’s tiny body battled to stay alive. It was only through their faith and reliance on Divine Providence that they could shoulder such a heavy cross while helping Fulton recover.  Unsuspectingly, God had been preparing this humble family for such a cross for many years.

Cassandra reveals this preparation of hope and love as she chronicles the tragedy in her book, Fire of Love.  Upon reading the account, I gained more insight in how God constantly offers Himself to us throughout our lives and how God’s glory can overcome all obstacles.  The Poppe family accepted that offering.  From that acceptance sprang forth such a deeply rooted faith and trust that they found the strength to face the impossible.

I recently had the honor to meet Cassandra at a retreat in Sandford, Michigan. After spending time with her it was evident that the glory of God continues to shine through this humble sister in Christ as she shared words of wisdom and how a person can grow in faith.

May God bless the Poppe family and may their story help others grow steadfast in their own faith.