All Glory and Honor is His!

Friends….about this time, eight years ago, Tim, Andrew and I were on our way to a rodeo… Today marks the 8th anniversary of a major Miracle in the Davis/Cassiday family’s lives!! We witnessed God’s glory through many people’s actions and prayers.

I ask you to celebrate with us by simply stopping what you are doing…just for a moment…and appreciate all of the blessings/miracles in your own lives…for God is Good…All the Time!!

Remember…prayer can move mountains! Please also say a little prayer for those God has put on your heart! Trust me when I say…it helps! 💕

Nate and Emily

Looking back, 2020 was not all bad. For those who do not know, our family celebrated the beautiful union of Nate and Emily last June. CoVid tried to spoil their special day, but we worked around it. After a touching ceremony, we headed to the farm to take tons of pictures. Definitely a moment I was not sure I would ever see 6 years ago. Thanks to so many prayers and a merciful God, it was a truly a blessed day.

EBook Sale



    During these days as we face the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 virus, hope is a virtue especially needed.  It is essential because it has the power to dispel fear and restore peace.  Working together, hope and peace allow people to think more clearly and see the best in all situations. Since so many people, at this time, are quarantined to their homes, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to seek sources that can help you and your family grow in this beautiful virtue.

   Finding Hope on Vegas is an excellent resource. It provides ample examples of how God’s hand directs our lives. When we understand how God works with us, we become immersed in hope. Because of this, I would like to announce that the E-book version will be on sale (for $2.99) through Amazon for a limited time.

   Stay safe everyone and ‘read on….’


“Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate.”

– G.K. Chesterton


Finding Hope on Vegas Inspires a Song…

Exciting News!  After reading Finding Hope on Vegas, Dave, from the David Yonker Band, penned a song. Vegas, will be featured in an album the band hopes to release later this year. To preview the song select the Vegas link below.

Feel free to check out their other songs!  David Yonker Band is a Christian band who has played at Camp Cassiday for the past few years.  They are a talented and fun-loving group that encourages everyone to grow in their faith! They will be playing at 3pm on the blue stage at the Big Ticket Festival on  June 28, 2019.


Nate at Nouvel…


…Speaking of the Glory of God!

Nate was invited to speak to the 7th and 8th graders at Nouvel Catholic School on May 17, 2019. He told them all about his bull riding experience while offering some good advice. He encouraged the kids to develop a deeper relationship with God and to stay close to Him throughout their life.

He shared with the kids how he drifted away from his faith while a teenager and became a rebel. He said that religion seemed ‘uncool’ at the time and admitted that, “…work and hanging with my friends became my top priority.  Because of this, I did not have much time for God or my family.”

Nate then shared how a bull changed his rebel ways when it stomped on him, nearly ending his life. He said that although he was given less than a five percent chance to recover from his internal injuries, God spared him, giving him a second chance to mend his ways.


Nate said, “I now see that having a strong faith does not prevent me from enjoying life.  Last year, for example, I went skydiving. It was a blast! Although I still do fun things, since the accident I have developed a closer relationship with God.  Because of this, I am so much happier.”

Nate wrapped up the talk by encouraging the kids to take their faith seriously because you never know when God will call you back home (to heaven). He said, “Remember, not everyone gets a second chance.”




Nate is on the Air!

I would like to thank Good Shepard Catholic Radio for featuring Finding Hope on Vegas during their fundraiser event. Sports enthusiast and host, Frank Pomarico, and Nathan discussed various aspects of bull riding as a sport, the accident, and Nate’s incredible recovery.

Frank hosts a weekly sports show, Sports Round Table.  You can check it out on Sunday afternoons from 2:00-3:00pm on 93.3 FM or 1015 AM.


Story of Hope

Not long after I started this website, I wrote a post about a dear friend, Erika Hirschman, who has battled three different cancers.   She recently published an article in the bold. E-magazine about how faith and family helped her overcome devastation and find Hope. I encourage you to read her remarkable story.

-Michelle Davis

Thank You Good Shepard Radio


What a great day!!  Tim, Andrew and I met so many people at the Michigan Catholic Writers Event in Jackson today.  Catholic Authors from all over Southern Michigan came together to discuss their books and their writing experiences.  Thanks to Good Shepard Catholic Radio for some ‘live radio air-time’ and Deacon Tom for being a great host as I shared some of our family’s story.

One thing of the many things I will take away from this experience is the need for people to share their stories about how God works in their lives.  These stories provide hope in what can be a dark world.

As a bonus, Andrew met Doug Shumard, an author, Good Shepard Board member….and former pilot!  Doug gave Andrew some pointers on pursuing a pilot career and even gifted Andrew a pilot’s headset.