Thanks St. Mark the Evangelist Parish!

I was invited to be a keynote speaker for St. Mark the Evangelist Parish Advent Tea Luncheon this past weekend. I am humbled by the warm reception I received. The atmosphere was beautiful as our hosts carefully prepared the hall for this wonderful occasion-fine china, real silverware, excellent tea and the food…to die for.

As we reflected on our topic, Prayer, I was moved by the stories people shared with me and how prayer affected their lives. God is God!

Thanks to Mary MacFarlane, Mary Dobias and Deb Foerster for the invitation and all their hard work! It was a great way to start Advent!



FHoV in Wisconsin


A big shout out to Cherie Sanderson from the Boulder Junction Library for hosting Finding Hope on Vegas. I am very thankful for the opportunity to speak about this miraculous story to such wonderful community! If your local stop by and say ‘Hi!’

If you have never been to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, I encourage you to visit. There are so many friendly people in this quaint town. Craig and Jane, owners of peeplelures, always make a visitor feel at home while Denny and Ellen from the McCann’s Wine Bar provide the best atmosphere for the weary traveler.  There are so many talented artists in the area who are more than happy to share their craft with visitors. I highly recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed!


Nate’s Advice



    Nate gave a great witness talk last night at Camp Rotary’s Summer Camp Vespers Service. Troops that were camping from all over the state came together for the weekly program. Chaplin Curtis discussed faith and how God puts the Super into the Natural.  After setting the stage with a very thoughful introduction, Curtis then asked Nate to speak.  Although he was a little nervous at first, Nate did a beautiful job encouraging the boys to live by the Boy Scout Law, learn from other people’s mistakes, spend quality time with family, and keep God the number one priority because life is short and not many people are blessed with a second chance.  I could not have been more proud…Great job Nate!!