Great book on how the power of prayer can give you hope in the face of tragedy. A must read!

–Barnes and Noble customer review

Very compelling true story of a young man and a very close family that believed in the power of prayer.

–Amazon customer review

A glimpse into the heart of a mother as she watches her child suffer a life-threatening injury. Michelle Davis narrates an honest account of what was going through her mind the day of the accident and for weeks afterward. I found myself so concerned with what would happen to her son Nate that I carved out time to finish the book within a couple of days, and I was pleased with the “Afterword” and “God Moments” that provide a lot of closure. Yes, it is remarkable and even miraculous that Nate survived, but I was also inspired by the strength of the relationship between Michelle and her husband. As far as the way the memoir was written, I was a little frustrated in the beginning of the book when time jumped around, but I figured out her style and adapted. The journal she kept during the event supplied lots of detail for her story. She mentions so many names of people who supported their family that I couldn’t keep up with all of them, but I realized the important thing to understand was how much love they received. I highly recommend this memoir for anyone in the medical field, parents, and all people interested in the power of prayer.

–Amazon customer review

I don’t often have time to attend community events hosted by my local library; however, last week, on a spur of the moment decision, I attended a presentation by Michelle Davis, author of Finding Hope on Vegas. After hearing her speak, I decided to purchase a book, personally autographed 🙂 I read the book in less than 3 days (for me, that’s good)… A definite “must read” for every mother. It is definitely affirms the power of prayer, and, as a bonus, highlights the wonderful aspects of our Catholic faith. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, even if you are not Catholic. If you believe in the power of prayer, this book is for you. For those who live in the central Michigan area, you may very well know some of the people mentioned in the book. I give this a 5-star rating…
–Melissa DeRoche

Dani–So I read your mom’s book, front to back, and let me tell ya, I cried every other page! Knowing what you and I know now, and reading what Nate went through, I LITERALLY have no idea how he made it, other than the power of prayer, that was DEFINATELY his saving grace!!! Everyone truly did storm the gates of heaven and begged for God’s mercy on that boy. And that is truly the meaning of what family and friends are for. To even see strangers come together was an astounding act of divine intervention. I have such a huge appreciation for your mother and her courage to write this book, it has changed my perspective on emergency nursing and how I need to step back just a little bit more and really try to understand the family and where they come from. We as nurses get so jaded and robotic with what we are doing that our feelings towards the family get cut out of the picture. And at the end of the day, that matters just as much as the patients care. Thank you so much for opening my eyes just a little bit wider!

–Megan Smith–Finding Hope on Vegas Facebook Page


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