Love Conquers All

Faced with the impossible, Cassandra Poppe allowed God’s Glory to reign…


A terrible tragedy brings forth Hope.  Little four-year-old Fulton Poppe was excited to help his dad as he bundled up for the chilly Oklahoma morning on January 2013. What started as a typical day, in a blink of an eye, ended in a nightmare.

There was an explosion! Cassandra ran to see what had happened. Immediately panic ensued… her precious Fulton was engulfed in flames.

Over the next three months the Poppe family lives were a living hell as Fulton’s tiny body battled to stay alive. It was only through their faith and reliance on Divine Providence that they could shoulder such a heavy cross while helping Fulton recover.  Unsuspectingly, God had been preparing this humble family for such a cross for many years.

Cassandra reveals this preparation of hope and love as she chronicles the tragedy in her book, Fire of Love.  Upon reading the account, I gained more insight in how God constantly offers Himself to us throughout our lives and how God’s glory can overcome all obstacles.  The Poppe family accepted that offering.  From that acceptance sprang forth such a deeply rooted faith and trust that they found the strength to face the impossible.

I recently had the honor to meet Cassandra at a retreat in Sandford, Michigan. After spending time with her it was evident that the glory of God continues to shine through this humble sister in Christ as she shared words of wisdom and how a person can grow in faith.

May God bless the Poppe family and may their story help others grow steadfast in their own faith.

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