A book signing for Finding Hope on Vegas will be held at the Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library!

Come and meet author, Michelle Davis, at the Grand Blanc-McFarlen site on at Apr 07, 2018 1:00 pm   until 4:00 pm

Note: Information taken from the Grand Blanc-McFarlen site.



Celebrate National Library Week! Meet over 20 local authors who will share their books, along with ways to navigate the road to publishing. Books for sale and signing at this come-and-go event.


Participating authors include:

  • Thor Bacon, Making the Shore
  • Todd Biermann, Handing Out Life: The Simple Way to Rewarding Relationships in All of Life
  • Boyd Craven III, Good Fences; The World Burns; Northern Lights
  • Erin Cruey, Adventures of Captain Patty (series); The Ripple Affair, Reign of Change; When Dreams Break
  • Michelle Davis, Finding Hope on Vegas
  • C. Decker, Unwritten; Unscripted; Unwrapped; Unforseen; The Unwritten Duet Box Set; Love Entwined; Forever Entwined
  • Nedra J. Downing, Carousel and When Tom Went West
  • Adela Crandell Durkee, A Ship of Pearl;The Fable of Little Tzurie
  • Patty Duffy, Give or Take
  • Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson, Enter the Moon; Howl at the Moon; Follow the Moon
  • Brenda Hasse, The Freelancer; Wilkinshire; Yes, I Am Loved; My Horsy and Me, What Can We Be?; A Unicorn for My Birthday; On the Third Day
  • Ashley Jeffers, Blood of the Immortal
  • Gabriel Klasing, Sam
  • Chris Mapham, Traffic Stop
  • Amy Mayhew, Raging Soul
  • David Ritter, Memories 2 Keep
  • Susan Sage, A Mentor and Her Muse
  • Blake & Melicia Scott, A Solid Foundation: Marriage from Three Perspectives; Ain’t Nobody Mad Except the Devil; G.E.T. Writing
  • Stephanie Shannon, Battling the Storm Within
  • Dan Waltz, Viral Bound; Fits Like a Glove; ASH, Like a Tattoo; Dragon Fly; Book a Paint Party; Kornstalkers
  • David Warner, Dead Lock
  • Mary Webber, Miracles Still Happen…Trust Me


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