A Little Saturday Inspiration

Amberley Snyder is an incredible woman.  She has turned tragedy into hope for so many people through both her words and actions. I would like to thank Siri Stevens from Rodeo News for introducing me to Amberley’s story.
Amberley was born to ride a horse.  She began to compete when she was seven years old. Naturally, the rodeo became her passion and eleven years later she won titles in the National High School Finals. She also had high standings in Pole Bending, Goat Tying and Breakaway Roping.
Her celebrations came to an abrupt end. Tragedy struck in January 2010. Amberley endured a horrific car accident which left her paralyzed at the waist. It was assumed that her riding days were over as she was given little hope for a recovery from doctors.
But that did not stop this determined young lady! She overcame her obstacles and figured out not how to ride her horse but also barrel race once again. She looked tragedy in the face and beat it down.  Today, she shares her story as a motivation speaker and encourages others to face life’s hardships with courage and strength.
So, when you think you are having a bad day, remember, it is only a bad moment….let Amberley’s story help you move past that bad moment and into the next good one! May the good Lord continue to bless her as she helps and inspires others.
Photo was take from Amberley Snyder’s facebook page with permission.
Click  Amberley Snyder to further follow her story

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